Fashion and Design are valued into one vocation:

Made in Italy

Even though technology is almost replacing the authenticity of craftsmanship, a practical manual knowledge can not be replaced and is rooted in ingenuity.

MODA T.E.C. is located in the Marche region, the heart of Italian footwear tradition. We aim to make our 40-year experience available to those who constantly demand uniqueness and up-to-date aesthetic details.


We are specialised in manufacturing and selling fashion accessories and components supplementing our own nature of workshop with advanced fabbing technologies: we offer the genuine spirit of Made in Italy.

The die casting of Zamak and the accurate brass milling are combined with charming leather creations and fabric/synthetic processing.


Our qualified staff acquired their expertise in order to bring out the best out of our knowledge on daily projects for our customer’s satisfactions.

Whenever we create, our technical skills and artistic inspiration are essential for the concept to be translated into: triptych buckles for belts, braids for bags, uppers or straps for shoes, embroideries for clothes, fastenings for bracelets. They are all the result of an interaction between our designers and different fashion departments/stylists.


MODA T.E.C. is innovative and ever evolving towards both luxury brands and local ones to provide highest-quality products and latest trends.


Realising physically fashion hardwares by using rapid prototyping technologies.

Die Casting

Moulds and Zamak die casting to authentically replicate the initial prototype.

Design and Development

Latest CNC machines for creating products as engineered by CAD/CAM softwares.

Hot Stamping

Leather and fabric hot stamping to be highly customisable.


Handmade creations for shoes, clothes, leather goods, fabrics and specific components.